Our Story

Is a leading Libyan provider of mobile technology solutions and services.
As the first provider of mobile banking services, “Masarat” was established in 2005. Its services are offered to a wide range of customers with a high level of quality. What distinguishes us is our responsibility to our center standards of completely understanding client requirements, genuine association with them, and persistent advancement to guarantee achievement

Our Team

In the Technical Marathon, our team starts to keep pace with digital development. Every new technology in our field opens up a new path that is a challenge that we have to discover and go through to the end. The end for us is a new beginning. When a team of track teams ends up discovering a course, another team is already embarking on a new journey to discover a new technical challenge on another track. On every journey we complete, we have paved the way for our customers with a useful innovation that supports their business, animates their development and improves their satisfaction step by step. In great hands, we provide solutions that ensure their safety and money

Our Goal

Providing services and modern technological solutions, and distinctively delivering them to accomplish the aspirations of customers and ensure Masarat’s presence at the top of the list of the best providers of these services locally; also, enabling a new segment of customers to offer their products and services through various electronic means

Our Success

We are pleased that our responsibility and endeavours make the organization remarkable in giving a wide scope of services and mechanical solutions that will stay up to date with the quick improvement of the world, particularly in the Finance and Technology Forum, where there is a need to sell items and administrations electronically

Our Values

This set of values is the basis of everything we do, which defines our culture and the limits of our dealings and our team, which is the Masarat’s essence from the beginning:




Team Spirit



Our Clients

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