Mobile Banking Services

Through our mobile services, we provide instant access to your bank account, allowing you to perform financial procedures, wherever you are and whenever you want

Money Transfer

You can add your friends and acquaintances to transfer money directly to them

Purchasing Top up vouchers

We provide an immediate demand for payments made in different categories: “Libyana, Al-Madar, and also Libya Telecom Technology (LTT).”

Account Statement

You can obtain brief account statement with financial transactions or a detailed one though your email.

Digital Wallet Charging

You can pay your bills by identifying the issuer with ease and safety

Masarat IT & Financial Services

Is a leading Libyan provider of mobile technology solutions and services. As the first provider of mobile banking services, “Masarat” was established in 2005. Its services are offered to a wide range of customers with a high level of quality. What distinguishes us is our responsibility to our standards of completely understanding client requirements, genuine association with them, and persistent advancement to guarantee achievement

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Mobi Cash service

Mobi Cash service allows the merchant to complete the sale and purchase process with the customer by mobile phone, where the money is deducted from the customer account to the merchant account in a safe and simple way


We enable customers to pay instantly and without the need of cash and provide traders with a safe platform to collect money

Money Retrieving

We simplify the purchasing process, so that the clients may retrieve their money just as simply



Account Statement

We keep the merchants informed 24/7 of the details of their account 

Organized Management


We allow the traders to manage all branches of their activity and to monitor their employees and their financial movements



Safe and Secure

Mobicash allows you to complete your purchasing and selling transactions securely with the latest protection solution: OTP.

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