What is the mobile bank service application?

If you own a cell phone that is connected to the internet, we advise you to download the bank service app to benefit from the services provided. You can download it from either, the AppStore or Google Play.

  • The Mobinab app which is introduced by the North African bank.
  • The Mobimal app which is introduced by the National Libyan Bank.
  • Al-Wehda Mobile app which is introduced by Al-Wahda Bank.
  • Masrifi app which is provide by Al-Jumhouria Bank.

How can you benefit from the mobile service application?

  • Log in by entering your phone number and password.
  • Inquire about your account’s financial status and latest transactions and other data related to it.
  • You can order a detailed statement of your bank account.
  • It allows you to purchase prepaid cards from different categories: Libyans, Al-Madar, LTT, And Libya Phone.
  • Add your digital wallet and charge it with amount you desire.
  • You can transfer money with your bank account to other accounts in your bank.
  • You may pay your bills safely and with ease.
  • Customer service contact is available.
  • Currency exchange rates are accessible.
  • You can locate ATMs and the branches of your bank.

What is the SMS Service?

It is a service that facilitates the access to your account and allows you to make inquiries and requests about your bank account by sending the request in a text message from your mobile phone.

Mobile Bank Services

Is a service that gives you instant and safe access to your bank account from one of the banks that do provide the service. You can

How can you obtain this service?

  • Visit your bank branch and fill in a service subscription application.
  • To activate the service, send in the contract number in a text message to the service number.
  • You will receive your password.
  • Enjoy the service safely and comfortably.