MobiNab service, which is presented to the Bank of North Africa, is a service that enables you to have immediate and secure access to your bank account. You can take advantage of the service features in a way that suits your needs through one of the service channels, either through the MobiNab smart phone application or through SMS.

How to get the MobiNab service?

  • Visit your bank branch and fill out the MobiNab Application Form.
  • To activate MobiNab service, send the contract number in a SMS to service number 16016.
  • You will receive your PIN.
  • Enjoy the service safely and at ease.

What is the SMS Service?

It is a service that facilitates the access to your account and allows you to make inquiries and requests about your bank account by sending the request in a text message from your mobile phone.

How to benefit from MobiNab service via SMS?

  • Once MobiNab is activated on your account, create a new SMS with your request.
  • The request shall be in a specific form

Application Form: (PIN * Application Number).

  • Send the message to service number 16016.
  • Enjoy banking in a way that suits your needs.

What is the MobiNab mobile application?

If you have a mobile phone and are connected to the internet, we recommend that you download the MobiNab application from the AppStore/Google Play, and immediately start benefiting from the services provided by the application.

How to use MobiNab Banking Service?

  • Log in by entering your phone numberand PIN.
  • Inquire about your balance, your latest banking transactions and other related data.
  • You can request a detailed statement of account for your account.
  • Add your digital wallet and charge it with as much as you want.
  • You can buy prepaid cards “Libyana, Al Madar, Libya Telecom and Technology” in all categories.
  • You can contact the Customer Service Desk.
  • You can find out the currency exchange rates.
  • You can locate the ATMs and branches of your bank.