One-time password configuration technology


We want you to feel safe with us, so we offer you full protection with the latest technology with OTP password-generation technology, a built-in device that creates a one-time password

What Distinguishes OTP AUTHENTICATION?

  • OTP AUTHENTICATION allows the systems of companies and customers, that are wishing to obtain the service, to be linked
  • The service can be accessed for any number of users, whether large or small
  • Easy to connect with other systems

Where can the “OTP AUTHENTICATION” password generation technology work?

  • The service is used to log into the banking services application.
  • It is used to verify identity in financial transactions.
  • It is also used when logging into electronic payment applications.
  • OTP Authentication is used as approval codes in sales and purchases.
  • It is used when logging into electronic systems.
  • It is also used to log into Windows Active Directory.

How does the “OTP AUTHENTICATION” password generation technology work?

  • A password is generated for each one-time process only.
  • The password is entered in the desired field.
  • The password lasts only one minute before it expires.
  • The temporary password expires.
  • A new password appears as soon as the previous expires.
  • The password is verified every time by addressing OTP AUTHENTICATION.


Among the solutions provided by Masarat is the system of selling and distributing various prepaid cards through sale machines. The cards are sold through merchants to customers, and thus, provide an easy way to distribute and improve the sales process.

What distinguishes VDS?

  • The system of selling prepaid cards.
  • Giving recognitiontion to an unlimited number of traders.
  • Also giving recognition to distributors.
  • Flexibility in establishing financial rules and conditions governing the relationship between the distributor and the trader.
  • Selling different types of cash categories and service providers from prepaid cards.
  • Integrated reporting system.