Purchasing Top up vouchers

 No wasted time or effort anymore


We offer you the best convenience to accompany you wherever you go, you can get prepaid cards according to the category you need at any time of the day, wherever you are.

How can you use the service of buying prepaid cards via SMS?

  • Create a text message that contains the following formula:
  • PIN Code * Prepaid Card Purchase Code * Prepaid Card Category Value.

  • Send the message to service number 16016
  • You will receive a message with your prepaid card PIN.
  • Recharge your prepaid card and enjoy the comfort and simplicity.

How to use the prepaid card purchase service via mobile banking?

  • Log into a bank application.
  • Click the My Account icon.
  • From the menu, choose Buy Cards.
  • Choose the card type and category value you want.
  • Charge the card in the most convenient way.

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