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What is Mobimal Service?

MobiMal is a service that enables you to have immediate and secure access to your bank account. You can benefit from the service features in a way that suits your needs, through one of the service channels… either through a smart phone banking application or through SMS.

How to get MobiMal?

Visit your bank branch and fill out the MobiMal application form.

To activate MobiMal, send the contract number in an SMS to the service number 19019.

You will receive your PIN.
Enjoy the service safely and at ease.
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What is the SMS Service?

It is a service that facilitates the access to your account and allows you to make inquiries and requests about your bank account by sending the request in a text message from your mobile phone.

How to benefit from Mobimal Mobile service by SMS?

After activating Mobimal Mobile service on your account, create a new text message containing your request. Application Form: (PIN * Application Number.)

Send the message to the service number: 19019. Application Form: (PIN * Application Number.)

Enjoy banking in a way that suits your needs.

الرسالة المرسلةالرسالة المستقبلة
الرقم السري*1

اخر مرتب في حسابك من تاريخ اشتراكك

الرقم السري*2

كشف حساب بأخر ثلاث حركات

الرقم السري*3

رصيدك الحالي

الرقم السري*5

اخر ثلاث حركات خصم

الرقم السري*6

اخر ثلاث حركات إضافة

الرقم السري*7

اسعار بيع العملات

الرقم السري*8

اسعار شراء العملات

الرقم السري*9

اخر ثلاث حركات خصم بإستثناء عمليات الخصم على كروت الشحن

الرقم السري*12*الرقم السري الجديد

تغيير الرقم السري الخاص بك

الرقم السري*31*قيمة الكرت

طلب شراء كرت تعبئة شركة المدار الجديد

الرقم السري*32*قيمة الكرت

طلب شراء كرت تعبئة شركة ليبيانا

الرقم السري*33*قيمة الكرت

طلب شراء كرت تعبئة شركة ليبيا للإتصالات والتقنية

mobimal app

What is Mobimal Mobile Application?

If you have a mobile phone and are connected to the Internet, we recommend that you download the Mobile App from the AppStore/Google Play, and start immediately benefiting from the services provided through the app.
How to benefit from the banking services through Mobimal Mobile application?
  • Log in by entering your phone number and PIN.
  • Inquire about your balance, your latest banking transactions and other related data.
  • You can request a detailed bank statement for your account.
  • You can buy prepaid cards “Libyana, Al Madar, Libya Telecom and Technology” in all categories.
  • You can contact the Customer Service Desk.
  • You can find out the currency exchange rates.
  • You can find out the locations of ATMs and branches of your bank.

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