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NCB Business Service

Because success can surprise you anytime, anywhere, NCB application will offer you the solutions that suit your needs and will help grow your business to increase business efficiency. We present NCB for businessmen and merchants to provide you with information about your account and enable you to conduct your transactions throughout the day.

What can you do through NCB Business?

  • Being up-to-date with your balance.

  • Checking the statement periodically.

  • Sending your statement via email.

  • Purchasing prepaid cards.

  • Transfering funds to another account.

  • Paying your bills.

  • Digital Wallet Shipping.

  • Managing users.

How can you subscribe to NCB Business service?

  • Go to your bank branch accompanied by:

    • Proof of identity.
    • The ID number.
    • Your business license certificate.
  • Receive your OTP.

  • Start working.